Medical Oncology

Our board certified Medical Oncologists/ hematologists have a combined 100+ years of experience and  are specially trained in diagnosing and treating your breast cancer using a variety of treatments to fit your specific needs. Chemotherapy treatments use medicine which weaken and destroy cancer cells . Chemotherapy is a systemic therapy, which means it affects the whole body by going throughout the blood stream. There are several chemotherapy options and in some cases chemotherapy is given before surgery to shrink the breast tumor.  Another option is hormonal therapy – utilized to treat hormone – receptor positive breast cancers.  We provide outpatient administration of chemotherapy and utilize growth factors to maximize dosage and maintain schedule. Our oncology nurses have numerous years of experience , as well as the understanding and concern necessary to meet our patients needs.

CCS Oncology

led by its Executive Medical Director Dr. W. Sam Yi, provides Comprehensive Cancer Services with state-of-the-art technology and treatment options for all stages and types of cancer. Patients are given personalized attention and individualized treatment plans at convenient locations throughout Western New York. They offer medical and radiation oncology services with board certified physicians and specially trained clinical staff, providing all aspects of care for the patients.
CCS is continuously researching and implementing the most progressive and advanced technologies, offering NEW HOPE for even the most hard-to-treat cancers. The belief is that the care they provide to patients and their families is just as important as their medical treatments. The group provides the latest in chemotherapy, chemo prevention, hormone treatment and radiation therapy following the current NCCN guidelines for breast cancer in a comfortable community setting. Our team has received training and some of the most recognized cancer care treatment facilities in the country; John Hopkins, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical Center, Yale and Columbia. Nursing care is provided by RN’s with specialized knowledge and skills in diseases of the breast and infusion therapy.